Project Deliverables

As the work progresses, you will be able to find here Public Deliverables and supporting information of the FlexFunction2Sustain project. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all project Deliverables and only Public Deliverables are available.

D4.1 Catalogue physicochemical and functional characterization services

D3.2 Upgrade of compounding and formulation facilities: 50-300 µm PLA based composite film extruded with OTR < 100 cm3/(m2dbar)

D7.2 Helpdesk setup

D8.4 Report from 1st joint workshops with cluster initiatives

D8.7 Project website launched, public and partner restricted part

D8.8 Project Dissemination and Communication Strategy

D8.9 Project print media, brochure, leaflets available

D8.10 Project handbook