Open Innovation Ecosystem

What is an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB)?

An Open Innovation Test Bed is a set of entities providing common access to physical facilities, capabilities and services required for the development, testing and upscaling of nanotechnology and advanced materials in industrial environments. The objective of the OITB is to bring nanotechnologies and advanced materials within the reach of companies and users in order to advance from validation in a laboratory to prototypes in industrial environments.

This ecosystem will provide users an easy access to holistic innovation boosting services through a Single Entry Point company.

The Single Entry Point will act as general contractor for the customer managing all services and actions of the OITB for highest service quality and efficiency. Through this company, the customer can gain access to services from partners in more than 10 different EU countries in either its native language or English.

Integrating services to a complete offer will substantially reduce the time and cost to progress from an idea to a successful product.

Find out about our services in the Project Handbook  and the Catalogue of physicochemical and functional characterization services.