Revolutionizing Optical Films: Sustainable Biodegradable Films for Security and Design

Hueck Folien (HF) is a global specialist for visually sophisticated and functional surface coatings in the security, labeling and design markets. The company develops and manufactures high-quality product solutions and is continuously investing in new technologies to achieve ecologically neutral production by 2035.

Together with Joanneum Research (JR) and other partners Hueck Folien concentrated within FlexFunction2Sustain project on demonstrating a sustainable optical tamper-evident label. The ambition was to achieve and demonstrate large scale industrial manufacturability of full “sustainable” label using sustainable components for all layers. Usually, the products are manufactured using petrol-based (non-degradable) resins on petrol-based plastic film substrates. Thus, this application case showed the implementation of existing roller-based technologies for high throughput large area fabrication of optical films onto bio-based/bio-degradable or recycled substrates. The use of bio-based/bio-degradable resins will further improve compostability of valuable polymer material. This was accompanied by full LCA (life cycle analyses), recyclability and bio-degradable studies.

Hueck Folien takes a holistic approach to sustainability along the dimensions of people, the environment and the economy. As a production company and a global specialist for visually sophisticated and functional surface coatings, we bear special responsibility – the areas of energy efficiency and resource preservation therefore have high relevance and priority for us. This includes the eco-friendly selection of raw materials and processes.

With its holistic approach, the FlexFunction2Sustain project offers a comprehensive platform and has helped to intensify our efforts to improve processes and product developments in terms of environmental protection. Participation in the project makes a very important contribution to achieving the HF sustainability target of ecologically neutral production in 2035.” says Dr. Stephan Trassl, Senior Manager Research at Hueck Folien.

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