Hybrid meeting for the completion of the first 18 months

On 28-29 September, the FlexFunction2Sustain team got together to discuss the project advancement after the first 18 months. Being organised as a hybrid meeting, some of the participants were able to meet in person in Dresden.

On the first meeting day, the partners concentrated on the progress that the running Work Packages were making, the challenges encountered as well as the mitigation strategies against COVID-19 pandemic. The consortium members reached a clear vision of the directions to be taken and the tasks at hand over the next months. During the second day, the partners discussed the challenges on the way to launch the FlexFunction2Sustain Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB). Following fruitful discussions, they agreed on the establishment of the association and it relations with the Single Entry Point (SEP). The meeting closed with technical discussions on the progress of the ongoing use cases.

The Project Officer, Susana Xara, joined the meeting too and provided a valuable feedback on the behalf of the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA). In addition to that, she presented the Horizon Results Booster initiative backed by the European Commission which aims to maximise the impact of research projects funded by FP7, Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

FlexFunction2Sustain Month-18 meeting was characterized by a collaborative and proactive behaviour of all the participants. Exciting six months are ahead of us working towards the launch of the OITB and our 1st Review Meeting with the European Commission.

Special thanks to Fraunhofer-FEP for the excellent hospitality! We hope that the next FlexFunction2Sustain Progress Meeting will be entirely in-person.