From flexible plastic and paper surfaces and membranes to sustainable ecosystem

On 21st of October 2020, over 50 participants joined virtually the workshop on Applications and Industrialisation of Functional Polymer Films, Paper and Membranes. The event was organized jointly by Amires and Fraunhofer-FEP, in cooperation with the Technology Centre CAS, in the framework of FlexFunction2Sustian project. With a wealth of expertise and knowledge-sharing, the workshop provided the ideal opportunity for the attendants  to digitally network, to exchange ideas on the latest developments and emerging trends in the fields of sustainable packaging and smart plastic films.

The virtual event was opened by Rudolf Frycek, CEO of Amires, and John Fahlteich, Group Leader at the Division: Plasma Technology at Fraunhofer-FEP and also coordinator of FlexFunction2Sustian project. The topic on sustainable and smart packaging was presented by the speakers Jakub Pedzinski (Capri Sun), Marlos Silva (Sonae MC), Wolfgang Lohwasser (AMCOR Flexibles). They shared  interesting insights on the development of the industry by addressing the new challenges for reducing the environmental impact of the packaging and undertaken approaches to move to a more “circular” world. High-impact future innovative solutions for smart plastic films for design, optics and security were presented by Jaakko Raukola (ISCENT), Rafael Michalczuk (Swarovski), Tomáš Těthal (IQ Structures), Stephan Trassl (Hueck Folien) and André Kalio (Schreiner Group). Apart from the company profile, each speaker provided information on the in-house machines and process developments. Examples for the application of smart plastic films as well as thriving innovations and ideas for the products of tomorrow were also provided during the presentations. In addition, Alexander Schmidt (Sonnenberg Harrison Partners) presented an overview of the intellectual property landscape of the nanofunctionalised surfaces.

At the end, John Fahlteich had the pleasure to introduce the new Horizon 2020 funded project FlexFunction2Sustain as latest European initiative for enabling novel solutions and products for plastic and paper based flexible materials and films. Apart from providing more details on the concept of the Open Innovation Test Bed, he informed the participants about the future possibilities and EU support offered for innovative SMEs and industries in the framework of the project.

The workshop represented a perfect opportunity to learn about the latest developments and industrial applications in the field of sustainable packaging and smart plastic films and possibilities to integrate polymer films, paper and membranes in existing or new products. With the motivation from speakers and a chance to interact with key industry stakeholders, it was truly an event to remember.

Stay tuned for the next events organised in the framework of FlexFunction2Sustian project !