FlexFunction2Sustain at IndTech 2022, 28-29 June 2022, Grenoble, France

FlexFunction2Sustain will be exhibiting in the OITB village at the Conference on Industrial Technologie IndTech 2022.

On 28-29 June in Grenoble, France, a number of OITBs will join forces to form an OITB village at IndTech. This event has the ultimate goals are to enable and strengthen the relationship between OITBs and innovators and to highlight and promote the integrated support to European industry at different stages of technological development. A 300m2 exhibition area is dedicated to the OITBs where participants can learn more about their services, emerging results, and prototypes. The arena will also be a stage to host pitch sessions. At the OITBeer bar, participants can enjoy artisanal beer from different European countries while networking with OITB Villagers.

Participants visiting the OITB village will have the opportunity to network at the exhibition area, where several OITBs will be ready to present their work in different fields such as:

Join us to explore the role of FlexFunction2Sustain for the innovative solutions for sustainable and smart products powered by nano-functionalized paper and plastic. A number of promising results and prototypes which have emerged from the project will be presented.