Corrigendum No. 1. FlexFunction2Sustain Open Call for Pilot Cases

Corrigendum No. 1 has been made to the FlexFunction2Sustain Open Call for Pilot Cases. The changes of the Open Call refer to clarifications and additions in sections: Process (What, Who, Why, How), Application Guidelines and Application Form template.

The following changes will be in force for the upcoming cut-offs:  

  • Large industries become eligible applicants and as such they are invited to apply for the Open Call;
  • Areas of application extended with smart plastic films for architecture applications and smart plastics in automotive application;
  • Clarification on the co-financing by the applicant: “The applicants are expected to cover their own expenses in relation to the project (e.g., own personnel cost, travel, material provision and preparations, etc.) that should amount to at least 30% of the overall project budget. These will be considered as in-kind contributions to the project. Neither, the applicants will receive direct financial support from the project consortium. Nor, the applicants are required to pay for the services received by the FlexFunction2Sustain consortium.”
  • Clarification on the Implementation criteria: “The objective of the implementation section in proposal phase is to assess the feasibility of the project within the given time frame and the available resources. The final work-plan including the services of the FlexFunction2Sustain consortium will be mutually agreed between the applicant and involved FlexFunction2Sustain partners during preparation of the Joint Implementation Agreement.”

For the upcoming cut-offs, we would recommend all applicants to check the technical and business feasibility of their ideas well in advance of submission. In order to do this, they can submit a simple description of their idea in bullet points to Based on this description, a technical expert from the FlexFunction2Sustain consortium will be assigned as mentor to support the applicant during proposal preparation process.

The updated documents are available here: